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Newton Geiszler (35)
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"Hey, you've reached Newt, I'm busy, or lost my phone, or something, leave a message, I'll get back to you. Probably."


Aug. 25th, 2016 01:19 pm
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"You come from another dimensional world, powered by physical intimacy, and you want to recruit me to come and 'help' with your 'energy crisis' and in exchange you'll give me whatever I want? Like… seriously? Aside from being creepily a bit like prostitution, what's the catch?"

"Dr Geiszler… firstly, please understand, this is nothing like prostitution. We are not paying you to have sex. We are asking you to come and live in our city with an expectation that you will make friends there, find people to enjoy company with and that act alone is enough to help fuel the city. The embrace between parent and child or friends is enough to generate energy, there's no expectation of sex and we expect consent from all people at all times. Agreeing to come to the city is not giving consent to anyone or any act inside of our city."

"Look, I get that and frankly, the fact that needs to be spelled out worries me about some of the places you've been previously, like seriously, people have to be told 'just because someone came here doesn't give you carte blanche to grope and tongue them'? Scary. Anyway, no not the point, point is, this is a bit hard to believe, you know? You get that, right? And what is 'anything within reason'? If I asked for like… tiny pet kaiju, would I get them?"

The recruiter's pleasant expression twitched slightly. "Yes, it does."

"Huh. Well, I don't want that. What about medical treatment? Like, advanced medical treatment. For brain damage. And neural drifts."

Her expression softened a little. "Yes. We can repair the damage from the Hive drift. Stop the seizures and quieten the echoes."

"I am not going to ask- yes, I am, how did you know? No, don't answer, you can search the multiverse for suitable candidates, this should not surprise me. Yes. I'll do it. If you can really fix the damage and stop the Hive being able to like, take over my brain and body, or stealing information from me. I want that."

"Not a tiny, pet kaiju?" She grinned as she asked and he found himself grinned back.

"Well… tempting, but I think Hermann might kill me if I turn up with any sort of living kaiju. He might only sort of kill me if he finds out I gave myself neurological damage, if I've already fixed it."

They shook hands over the table.

Voice test

Jul. 4th, 2016 09:27 pm
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It took two days for Newt to become aware that there had... complications.

Mostly, because he spent thirty six of those hours partying and celebrating and the remaining twelve passed out at various times.

But it was when he managed actual sleep that it happened. Dreams (nightmares?), visions, soundless noise that buffered his body, an all consuming awareness of alonepainemptyquiet which he had heard pilots sometimes suffered after intense drifts, but amplified by so much that by the time he managed to work out he was actually awake and upright, he had already plastered himself against a door he didn't have the key for.

He'd be embarrassed, but he was too shaken, so instead he knocked.


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